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Good album with two exceptions - 78%

MetalAbu, January 9th, 2007

Take the sound of AC/DC and put it together with a bit more Heavy Metal from the 80s and you’ll get what you get while listening to this album. It rocks very straight forward and Udo Dirkschneider has an unmistakeable dirty, often a bit screaming, voice. The music has a really cool midtempo groove and the guitar playing wants you to start playing your air guitar.

Especially the first track “Hard Attack” is characteristic for this album. Cool and groovy guitar sounds, excellent singing of Dirkschneider and sing along text makes this song to a real party hit!

The following tracks “Crossroads” and “Making Me Scream” let you take away your air guitar. Not because they’re bad, just because “Crossroads” sounds a bit like a ballad and is not so catchy as the opener. And “Making Me Scream” changes a bit to often in the guitar sound that you can playing your imaginated instrument on. But this two songs also have a cool sound that works on every party and they’re also could be singed along.

Then it’s time to start a real Metalhead party. “Diggin’ In The Dirt” takes you at your balls from the first second! It’s almost a duell between Dirkschneiders voice and the heavy rocking guitars. When Dirkschneider makes a short break, than the guitar screams up high and when the guitar stops screaming, Dirkschneider starts another attack against your brain. I can not get this song out of my head since I’ve heard it the first time.

But now it’s not the time to “stop diggin’ in the dirt” like Udo wants from you. Still being euphoric because of this great piece of Heavy Metal the fifth song “It Ain’t Over Yet” starts and destroys this euphoria. It has a very strange sound and the voice…
I don’t know how to describe it. There is no feeling in it. Sounds like there is somebody who is jabbering something to an unenthusiastic jam session of a guitar player and a bored drummer. Please skip this track while listening to this cd, because it destroys the general impression of this album.

After this sudden feeling of weakness by the musicians (I don’t know how to say it in another way) they’ve regenerated and have something special for you that makes you forget the slip that you’ve heard before:
“Predator”, “Crucified” and “Take Out The Crime” are the next three songs. And they’re all great. “Predator” has something evil in it’s whole sounding. “Crucified” has amazing soloparts that sounds a bit funky, but still heavy. And “Take Out The Crime” sounds like AC/DC has enough of Blues influenced Hard Rock and wants to start a Metal era. Hard Rock influenced Heavy Metal has to sound this way and no other! Three masterpieces in a row. Fantastic!

But sadly Accept were not able to hold these level ‘till the end. “Don’t Give A Damn” sounds like AC/DC again. But not much heavier. It’s a Hard Rock song that makes you sing along the refrain and playing air guitar again. For partying it’s good, but it’s not as great as the three songs before.
“Run Through The Night” is heavier again and has riffs that are sharp like razorblades. But then suddenly it gets more like a ballad with leads into a great solo. Good song, but the separate parts will fit together perfectly. Especially the singing will not fit to the rest.

Here the cd stops. Or better: Should be stopped. Because the last track sounds like a radio song with just stupid refrain. The title is “Primitive” and it sounds like that. Nothing can be heard of great guitar solos or a dirty Heavy Metal voice. It also sounds a bit like the pop-punk band “The Offspring”. To come to an end: Stop the cd after the tenth track and you’ll be happy (if you skipped the fifth track). Otherwise you will have a bad aftertaste.