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Good old rockin' Accept - 69%

MetalReaper, August 27th, 2004

Accept's second album isn't similar to it's predecessor. Actually they aren't similar at all. This album defined Accept's early sound by crunchy guitar sound and simply but effective riffs combided with Udo Dirkschneider's gritty vocals. The bassist Peter Baltes sings on two tracks. Drummer Frank Friedrich quit after recording the debut, so this is the first Accept album to introduce Stefan Kaufmann on drums.

Title song is the starting song, "I'm a rebel" is a classic, early Accept song. Next track "Save us" is same kind as "I'm a rebel", a rather funny with its lyrics, yet it's still powerful. It also has some female vocals in it, which is pretty rare on Accept-records. "No time to lose" is a power ballad, what isn't too common on Accept's releases. Song is beautiful and very good, unlike many other weepy ballads. It is known fact that Udo Dirkschneider can scream, but not sing. It's bassist Peter Baltes singing on it. Next track starts with thunder, then the crushing "Thunder & Lightning" starts. And ends. One of the lp's heaviest songs.

The crushing riff starts the fifth track, "China lady". The drumming in the start and the vocal melodies are the things that the song "I wanna be no hero" can be confused to somekind of Disco-heavy, because the aforementioned things make the track sound like it's from disco. Crunchy guitar is only what aparts this from disco music. Baltes can sing again on "The King" what is again a power ballad, played with acoustic and electric guitars. Album ends with "Do it", which is much alike to first two songs of the album, what completely destroys the illusion of sad ending.

Album overall contains some strong material althought there are some average material. It's more rockin' than it's numerous successors. Accept sounded like it's fellow countrymen, the Scorpions.