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Every metalhead should own this - 92%

Xeper, September 6th, 2003

I just got this album yesterday, and holy fuck does it rock. Yeah, there are hints of Priest throughout, and AC/DC (see "Burning" and "Midnight Highway", the latter of which is comparable to some Back In Black material), but overall they don't come off as sounding derivative at all, it's just pure fucking old school heavy metal, trendy bullshit-free. I can't stop listening to this album, and the attitude is all there, it'd probably make me nostalgic if I weren't just 17. I'm not big on cheesy shlock, but this album is steeped in all the trappings that made good 80's metal so timeless. Wolf Hoffman and Jörg Fischer are truly underrated guitar virtuosos, their solos are fucking brilliant and very impressive whether they're just doing shred runs or whipping out some neoclassical chops or simply wailing on all the right notes. Even the classical-sounding intro to "Breaking Up Again" is actually quite beautiful, even if the song is a little ballad-esque for my tastes. (But hey, at least they remembered diversity, so the album doesn't come off all sounding the same.) And the riffs...the riffs! Meaty fucking riffs that make you throw the damn horns. If you ever heard Tankard's Disco Destroyer album, the song Hard Rock Dinosaur at one point goes "I don't like this beat, it ain't got no meat, need a mean guitar", and this is EXACTLY the solution they were looking for! One of Accept's finest moments, and mandatory for any fans of true 80's heavy metal.