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He will take you... - 73%

UltraBoris, May 18th, 2003

A pretty underrated Accept album, though as with all their releases, the cheese factor is very, very high. A few absolute fucking classics, but it does tail off towards the end a lot. But man, the first few tracks are beasts of the highest order.

Starlight... a midpaced number not out of place for NWOBHM, except for Udo's German accent... then that leads into mother fucking BREAKER!!! Tyrannosaurus Rex!! Total fucking monster speed metal, this song owns pretty much the rest of the Accept catalogue, and that includes Fast as a Shark. Oh man, the album is worth getting just for this one fucking song.

Then, Run if You Can is pretty good as well, but then we have the hideously cheesy Can't Stand the Night. What... the fuck? Just a badly executed song. Oh well, back to Son of a Bitch! Kiss my arse, you asshole, etc etc. What a fun little song, and the main riff is liable to cause lethal fucking headbanging frenzy.

Burning is another insanely fast number with another fucking awesome solo... I cannot begin to describe the quality of the soloing here. Wolf Hoffmann is a genius. Burning! Burning! Burning just like fire!

Then, the album completely fucking dies, unfortunately. Feelings is mediocre, Midnight Highway seems like it was designed to be an adult-contemporary rock staple (read: commercial pop shit), and Breaking Up Again is even worse. Some silly ballad that does nothing and goes nowhere.

But hey, we close on a strong note with Down and Out - starts off as a midpaced number with lots of groove, then increases slightly in speed in the middle section under a brilliant solo and a solid fucking headbanging riff. Yes, the solos here are awesome. Some of the songs are worthless, but there are enough great ones here to merit buying the album, when all is said and done.