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Chock-full of attitude. - 83%

Nightcrawler, November 23rd, 2003

"Breaker" is a pretty solid album, and the first really classic Accept record. Udo's wails are as high and raw as ever, the guitarwork of Wolf Hoffman is catchy as hell. The rest (bass and drums) is barely noticeable, as the guitars and vocals are way louder in the mix, which I believe was 100% intentional.
These production values are pretty annoying at times, as the guitars don't get the necessary support from drums and bass, and thus loses some punch. Everything on here is really too low, but we have to keep in mind that this was released in 1981, so the crappy production can be overlooked in favour of some great songwriting that can be found on here.

It's a very consistent album, without any songs that stand out as weak. One song is kinda sub-par, which is the opener "Starlight", mostly thanks to somewhat generic riffs and an incredibly dumb and boring chorus. Still, it's not a complete waste, and the solo absolutely slays!
"Run if You Can" is also kinda average, although it does have a killer melodic chorus, which shows Udo's cleaner and more emotional side very well.
The rest is all pretty killer stuff. "Breaker" is pretty damn nifty speed metal with a cool melodic chorus, and one of the definite highlights on here.
"Burning" is another highlight; an energetic and damn catchy heavy metal tune, with a great sing-along chorus and the bass highlighting section as notable standouts. "Feelings" is probably the best song on here, and is just heavy fucking metal all the way. Wolf Hoffman delivers galloping riffs that would make Dave Murray wet his pants, and Udo's vocals are as intense and raw as ever, and the lyrics are just incredibly cool. And for the last highlight we have "Midnight Highway", most notably because of that chorus melody, which reeks of AC/DC worship.

And it's quite obvious that AC/DC was one of the biggest musical influences on the band, at least in the old days. The raw, high-pitched vocals are definitely comparable to Bon Scott at times, although Udo Dirkschneider is far more vicious. And of course, there is the underlying sense of groove in all Accept's material, which isn't too far from some of AC/DC's ideas. Still, Accept carve a very own sound, which would keep evolving for many years to come.
Their early material was a bit underdeveloped at times and don't showcase much melodic depth, and the production isn't what it could be, but albums like "Breaker" and "Restless & Wild" has that completely raw and in-your-face Heavy Fucking Metal attitude, which is sure to rip the ears apart of all poseurs within a ten miles from the site of the turntable or boombox blasting the album in question.

But "Breaker" is not all about kicking ass and heavy metal. There are two ballads to be found here, "Can't Stand The Night" and "Breaking Up Again". The first one features some very nice underlying guitar melodies and solid basswork over it, and Udo shows that he can convey some magnificent emotion into his raw voice. The second features bassist Peter Baltes on vocals, who is not bad but kinda boring and generic. It's a very good and emotional song though, but "Can't Stand The Night" is far superior, and in fact one of the best songs on here.
But basically every song found on here is great in one way or another, and this album epitomizes the raw and aggressive power of Heavy Fucking Metal, which we all know and love.