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Accept - Balls to the Wall - 100%

overkill666, December 28th, 2008

The year is 1971, and five German musicians decided to create a band we all know named Accept. Skipping to 1983, they released an album entitled 'Balls to the Wall', which is the album that turned me on to this band. Well, 'Balls to the Wall' is a great way to describe this album, and just a great title for it as well. This is the material that AC/DC and other mainstream heavy metal acts could not scratch the surface of.

There are many reasons why 'Balls to the Wall' is highly praised in my book. For one, the production is nice and beefy. The effected added is one of heaviness, especially on the bass side of the spectrum. Next on the bandwagon is the song writing. Well, how could you have a great album with lousy songwriting? Accept was right on the money with this one. Just about every song gets my toes tapping and my head bobbing. The musical talent is there as well. The riffage is strong throughout the release, and there are plenty of entertaining guitar solos for those people who look out for them. The bass guitar is on the higher end of the mix, which makes it clearly audible. Bass audibility for heavy metal is necessary for success. The drum work is simply good, and works out nicely. Lastly, we have the vocals. Udo Dirkschneider is a very good heavy metal vocalist. His style is a more serious clean style singing with a slight raspyness to it. Every now and then you will hear a falsetto that makes you want to sing along.

The last thing Accept has that many other bands don't have is replayability. Honestly, I could listen to this album over a handful of times and not get bored to death. They also have plenty of those universal 'metal moments' that some bands have, where many metalheads know the chorus line or a specific riff and will sing/air guitar along with it. The S/T track on this album, 'Balls the the Wall', is probably the best for this. If Accept doesn't have anything that I just mentioned, hell, they should. Maybe I'll just stick with the one-man trend hehe, a lot of people do.

After my many spins of this Accept album, I'm saddened that it took me so long to get around to check out this band. Accept is a band you should not miss, especially if you are into the good side of heavy metal. This release has strong riffage, production, and has replayability. Those attributes equal success.