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It will nail your Balls to the Wall... - 95%

evermetal, October 23rd, 2009

If anyone should ever ask you what on earth was and how did heavy metal sound in the early 80’s, leave aside the pointless analyses and answer him: Balls to the Wall. It is an album-gospel for metal in that decade and an everlasting heavy metal monument. This one, along with Metal Heart own the first two places in Accept discography, praised by all fans who love genuine heavy metal.

The legend of Accept had already begun to haunt heavy metal since 1981’s Breaker. Two years later Accept released an album that really kills! Without possessing something equal to Fast as a Shark, it still is countless times heavier than its predecessor Restless and Wild. Somewhat Priest-influenced, slightly dark and twisted, Balls to the Wall makes the adrenaline reach unthinkable heights with its primitive, unpolished metal.

From the heavy, sharp guitars and the war-beating drums to the unique, special vocals of Udo, everything here is like a time bomb ready to explode. The self-titled track and London Leatherboys are hymns that have stood the test of time, standing still strong and proud. They are both mid-tempo, steady songs. They have though, so damn heavy guitars and such great riffs that you can not deny their sweet, yet fatal attraction. They are like magnets, drawing you ever closer to the majesty of Accept.

The fastest songs of Balls… are Fight it Back and Losers and Winners. Their energy and aggressiveness resemble those of an air raid, with dropping bombs, aiming to obliterate everything and everyone. The guitars, like in the whole album are like machine guns, spitting fire and lead and woe to anyone who dares to resist.

Love Child, Guardian of the Night, Turn me On; which of these songs can you forget and ignore as the metal attack continues with the same strength and force? This German metal machine seems almost invincible. Pounding drums, biting riffs, incredible solos and divine heavy melodies, the lot, can be found in this masterpiece. You name it, you have it. This is a time when Accept teach the basic principles of authentic heavy metal.

In 1983, Udo and his mates would spread panic on their way. It would be a sacrilege even to think of ignoring this album, this heavy metal temple all believers should bow to. And it would be the outmost, unforgiving sin not to possess it!