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Accept's Masterpiece - 100%

Wrathchild, June 8th, 2004

For me, this is the best album of this German band. Ten tracks, ten masterpieces. The music is really fantastic, the guitars are fast, the bass is strong, the drums are wild and the voice is very aggressive. All of these make this record an onslaught of Classic Heavy Metal!.

The album starts with "Balls To The Wall": a rock hymn and the most famous Accept's song. Intense and wild... awsome!. Then "London Leatherboys" is the essence of the band: pure leather and crazy Rock And Roll. Fenomenal track!. The record continues with "Fight It Back", a "speed" song that makes me remain some good times of Metallica music. Pure Old School Heavy/Speed Metal.

"Head Over Heels" is one of my favorites. A bass intro turns on a powerful but full of feelings Heavy Metal song. Peter Baltes and Wolf Hoffmann in their most important moment in this disc. Then "Lose More Than You've Ever Had" is far my favorite track of the band. It makes me remain the times when I was sad about "love troubles". Good music, great lyrics that configurate a Classic Heavy Metal song. "Love Child" is a popular song. Melodic like "Midnight Mover" from "Metal Heart" is a great Heavy/Rock song with strong guitars (Hail Wolf!) and a magnific chorus. "Turn Me On" is like "Screaming For A Love Bite" ("Metal Heart") or "Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away" ("Restless & Wild") with lyrics about sex/love, a awsome drum/bass base, two furious guitars and the unmistakable voice of Udo.

After all, "Losers And Winners", "Guardian Of The Night" and "Winterdreams" are the golden seal of this Heavy Metal's real masterpiece. These tracks are mighty and soft at the same time. The work of Wolf and Hermann is incredible. Udo, awsome. Peter and Stefan consistent like ever.

In my opinion, this disc is a great influence to the "Power" Metal genre. If you don't have this album, you must buy it and enjoy it.