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These Balls Are Overrated. - 78%

Metal_Jaw, October 7th, 2011

Here they are ladies and gentlemen! The heaviest export from Germany, ACCEPT! What do you think of their most popular album, "Balls To The Wall"? "It was okay!" "I liked the one song, I guess!" "Restless And Wild was better!" The people have spoken!

Well, actually maybe it was only me, and apparently my multiple personalities, that have spoken. But frankly, I find Accept's arguably most popular album to be quite overrated and even a bit lightweight, especially given their previous accomplishment in speed metal on their previous effort, "Restless And Wild".

There's really nothing wrong wrong with this album; it's just that some of the songs are so lightweight and fluffy, even a bit corny. Of course that's like saying "Dude heavy metal is SOOOO cheesy!", but considering that Accept can do so much better in their legendary teutonic mindset, many of the songs on here raised my eyebrow upon my first listen. Songs like "Turn Me On" and "Love Child" are essentially hair metal goo neatly wrapped in a heavy metal package with their soaring guitars and driving bass covering up sappy lyrics and nothing-special drumwork. Sure the songs are well-written, with "Love Child" implying a homosexual romance or the title track a vicious story of revolution, but the final product still makes one think of something almost along the lines of, but not quite as bad as, Krokus or Dokken.

On the upside, not all the songs are bad. The kickass title track, as I said, is a gritty, even somewhat perverse, tale or revolution. The pre-chorus buildup, the ferocious gang vocals during the main chorus, shrieking guitars courtesy of Herman Frank and Wolf Hoffmann, and Udo Dirkschneider's growling vocals certainly make one want to get the fuck up and headbang against a brick wall until nothing is left but said swinging sack between one's legs. "Fight It Back" is another good one. A tad pedestrian, though a good listen if one craves a bit of speed metal. Great vocals from Dirkschneider in this one. A particular number I'm weak against is "Losers And Winners". It's fast and catchy, though it comes off a bit oddly-written thanks to the outdated concept of "writing a letter".

Overall, certainly not a bad album, but overrated thanks to the popularity of the hit title track. Beware of the hair metal- wrapped- in -a -heavy metal- box vibe of the album. Stefan Kaufmann's drumming was certainly better on other albums, but everyone else soars, particularly Hoffmann and Frank on guitars.

"Balls To The Wall", "Fight It Back", "Losers And Winners", "Guardian Of The Night".