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A classic True Metal Record! - 85%

Ayeka, November 10th, 2002

This is a straightforward, classic Metal album. My first comparison would be to a more aggressive AC/DC - first time I heard this band, seeing the video for the title track on the VH1 Friday Night Rock Show (R.I.P.), as soon as Udo Dirkschneider opened his mouth I thought "bloody hell, it's like an angry pygmy version of Bon Scott!"

By far my favourite songs on this album are the title track - a rousing, headbanging, fist-pumper with a classic solo - and the slinky London Leatherboys. Losing More Than You've Ever Had and Winter Dreams break things up a bit by adding a bit of variety to things, but despite that I'd say an overall LACK of variety is this album's only failing. Most of the songs have an almost identical feel to them...but to go back to the AC/DC comparison, that never stopped them now did it?!

I wouldn't be surprised if you'd heard the vibe about this being a bit of a homosexual album - the story goes that round about this time the Accept lads' English still wasn't quite up to scratch, so they had a female lyricist help them out. Hence you end up with songs like London Leatherboys, Love Child and Turn Me On. As I've already said, London Leatherboys turned out to be one of the best songs on the album, so any innuendo that your over-active imagination has inserted could only have worked for the better!