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Abyssus - Once Entombed... - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, November 6th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Transcending Obscurity Classics (Limited edition)

Not too long ago I reviewed “Into the Abyss” which so far has been the first and only full-length album by this Greek DM warriors. As said album is a fantastic slab of OSDM especially interesting for fans of Obituary or Asphyx I took another look at the work of Kostas and his crew. “Once Entombed…” is a collection of everything the guys have recorded before “Into the Abyss” released by the rising Transcending Obscurity label so I took my chance and checked this one out. The material is taken from various splits and EPs summing up to a total of 19 tracks and a running time of nearly 60 minutes.

The music on offer is a very traditional form of DM. Stoic and most of the time presented in mid-tempo the riffs will sound familiar to anyone who has heard a few DM albums in his life. That being said Abyssus took some of the best pieces and chords and created a lot of very entertaining and rock solid tracks. Most songs are kept straight-forward without any too technical or over-the-top sections. There are a few tempo changes and the best moments can be found in some of the slower parts often building the bridge to some nice solos before the music gets a bit faster again.

The drumming is on point without sounding too hectic or nervous. There is nothing flashy about the music with some more aggressive parts subtly implemented without disturbing the flow of the album. Generally speaking there is a certain simplicity to the music making it the perfect soundtrack for driving in the car or working out.

One of the highlights of Abyssus for sure are the vocals of band leader Kostas. His tone is very reminiscent of John Tardy and Martin van Drunen and therefore fits perfectly to the stoic and slightly monotonous nature of the music. His delivery is top notch and very intense and he has the talent to stand his ground among the genre’s biggest names. There are a few cover tracks to be found here as well and it makes perfect sense that one of those is “Deathhammer” by Asphyx.

If there might be something to criticize from my side it is the fact that the production is not on par with what we got on “Into the Abyss”. While the sound is more than solid for the most part of the material other songs sound a bit thin. However, this is only my personal taste and I guess that most collectors will love the Demo character of those tracks. Overall this compilation is a great little gem especially for collectors of this kind of stuff.