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Completely Unoriginal - 12%

Lord_Mordred, January 6th, 2008

Abyssmal Nocturne is one of the shining examples of how most black metal bands these days have no originality. There are a lot of Darkthrone copies roaming around the black metal underground, but at least a majority of them are trying. Abyssmal Nocturne might as well change their name to Crimson Moon. Everything about this album is a clone of Crimson Moon, even their official band picture bears an uncanny resemblance.

The typical structure of all of the songs on this album follow the exact same structure that Crimson Moon uses. The guitars come in with a mid-paced riff in every song. Several of the riffs resemble the riffs on Crimson Moon’s “To Embrace the Vampyric Blood.” The only difference is the bass. They either did not want to or weren’t talented enough to mimic Scorpios’ bass lines.

The most obvious aspect of unoriginality is the slow, melodic breaks in between the faster riffs. There was not a single moment in these parts where I didn’t hear a familiar riff. Even the vocals would cease to scream, and they would speak in a deep tone…much like Crimson Moon.

If you're a fan of the kind of black metal that Crimson Moon made, then by all means give this a listen. However, if you're looking for originality, don't bother.