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Insufferable - 3%

Felix 1666, August 23rd, 2019

How many amateurs play extreme metal? One thing is for sure, the number is too high. Abysmal Lord, protégés of Hell's Headbangers, spit out some pieces full of disgust, hatred and scorn, but I cannot identify any trace elements of music. It's more or less a constant noise, poorly produced and without comprehensible structures.

It does not matter what you want me to analyse, the result is always the same, as much as I regret it. The solos, for example, are pure noise, without any connection to the rest of the so-called songs. Dudes, that does not make sense. The voice suffers from an overdose of reverb and the same applies for the drums. They sound anything but natural and the speedy rhythms seem to be performed for the sake of themselves. I come to this conclusion in view of the horrible guitar work. The totally undifferentiated six strings do not pick up the velocity of the drums. They only deliver a permanent humming, if we neglect the electronical yapping of the solo excursions.

Needless to say that all songs sound the same. Only a few number of (irony mode on) extremely horrifying (irony mode off) intros marches to a different drummer. Maybe this is a legitimate form of metal, surely it is, but it has nothing in common with my understanding of music and especially live concerts of these noisy clowns are probably an inhumane torture. By the way, has one of you ever been on a concert of the Ramones? I saw them and I was slightly disappointed, because even though the single songs were classics, the performance suffered from a total lack of dynamic. The first song was fast, the second song was fast and so on, Joey Ramone did not much communicate with the audience and so roughly 25 songs just passed by. On this album, the symptom reappears with the little difference, that each and every song sucks.

34 minutes can be very long and it is only cold comfort that every tone of the rumbling drum brings us nearer to the end. Bestiality is written all over the cacophonous scenario, and, as mentioned before, the anti-musicians pull out all the stops in order to create the most barbaric album of the year. Their mission is clear, but the idiocy of their aim is evident as well. Enthusiasm for the wrong goals means nothing else but destruction of values and here the extreme metal scene is affected. This album is grist to the mill for all those scatterbrains that always blame extreme metal for being pure noise. I wish I could find at least a few number of solid parts, but nothing keeps sticking in my mind and nothing makes me prick up my ears. This must be the goddamned parody of a black death metal album. At best, the dudes were willing but not able... so I recommend this album to all those who hate each and every album I gave 100%.