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Abysmal Lord - Cathedral

Short but sweet with that great old school flavour - 80%

Sadistik Blasphemer, April 25th, 2021

After listening to a bunch of old school black/death and war metal releases from the late 80s to the mid to late 90s for quite a long period of time now, bands such as Sadistik Exekution, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Abominator etc. I have been curious to see if whether I can discover any bands from the present that i would enjoy equally as much, rather than diving deeper into any more obscure cult classics from the olden days.

Interesting enough I recalled a few days ago, being recommended this band. Then i figured "ah why the hell not" and decided to listen to Abysmal Lord's latest release, 'Cathedral', a ten minute EP.

Music wise, I don't really have as much to say, but whatever I do have to say is good things. This is some good old fashioned war metal with a style in a similar vein of Blasphemy. The blast beats and drumming overall is intense, fast, brutal and chaotic as it should be, the production sounds like a good balance of rawness and audibility, although I would like to admit the guitar tone is a teeny tiny bit too muddy for my liking but hey, this is war metal, if i wanted perfection I would have listened to styles where cleaner production value befits the music better. The vocals have a uniqueness to it, instead of singing it in some parts it seems to be overlapping blasphemous ritualistic prayers, its pretty cool if I'm honest.

Just to sum it up, I really enjoyed this EP for its brutal and old school sound, I am glad to have discovered this band, and I most definitely will be checking out their other albums. If you are a fan of the Ross Bay Cult, you will most definitely be a fan of Abysmal Lord. That's all from me, fellow headbangers, I shall see you in my next album review!

And remember guys, in the immortal words of Sarcofago's Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier: "if you are a false, don't entry."