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A step into old school death metal - 82%

redguardwithafireaxe, July 27th, 2009

Abysmal Dawns' latest release Programmed to Consume seems to take a step back to the beginning of death metal, with the intense thrashy riffs and blaring blast beats this album gets you pumped.

The album opens up with the title track "Programmed to Consume", using some static and a deranged voice panning left to right and back again to give this apocalyptic feeling right from the start. At the end of this strange message you get the hear the power of the drums, the guitars, and something else, Elliot's vocals. They are nothing short of amazing switching it up from the low growls to these powerful highs which have some clarity to the pronunciations.

There are a good amount of memorable tracks on this album i.e. Twilight's Fallen, Grotesque Modern Art, and this beautiful instrumental aeon Aomegas.
Twilight's Fallen starts off with a catchy rhythm to it. It gives the drummer a chance to do more than the standard blasts and double bass. The chorus also features some nice backing vocals from Jacob Enfinger of Reciprocal, giving a strong foundation for the song.

Now as I mentioned above aeon Aomegas is one of the most memorable tracks on Programmed to Consume. It lets Jamie Boulanger step into the spot light a bit, being that Elliot plays the majority of solos on the album. It shows that Abysmal Dawn does have some great writing talent. aeon Aomegas would have to be the most creative song on the album, given its not the most creative album,(but hey who cares it still sounds great), the acoustic guitar, and rolling thunder in the background gives this song a nice dark feeling to it that leaves the listener in a pleasant awe by the end.

So anyways Abysmal Dawns' Programmed to Consume does deserve a listen. I'm happy to have this in my collection, and hopefully they have more to come.