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Original? Nope But Who Cares? - 75%

invaded, October 5th, 2008

I rarely do this but I bought this record on a whim. Yes I was actually lured by the little header that Relapse put and after listening to it at the store decided it was worth my money. What I have garnered upon multiple listens is that this record does not stretch the boundaries of metal, but rather does a good job at not conforming to the standard modern day "uber tech kitchen sink with no balls" sound that many a "death metal" band are trying nowadays. Abysmal Dawn do it the old fashioned way; pummeling yet groovy riffs along with monster vocals and guitar solos. Is there anything wrong with that?

My favorite element of the band's sound is from the vocal aspect. Charles Elliot, the band's leader and main songwriter also has a devastating pair of pipes. His lows, which he uses most often are guttural, balsy and remind me of Mikael Aekerfeldt's delivery. His highs are not as awesome but nonetheless get the job done.

The guitar playing is tight and concise, with the odd good solo thrown in for good measure. Nothing insanely shredderific but that is not this band's calling. They throw in a good amount of melody as well as straight-up pummeling and old school death metal grooves.

Overall this is text book death metal. No gimmicks, no "core" to be found (thank Satan!). This band is a lot more metal than many modern day pretenders.

As for album highlights, the opener and title track "Programmed to Consume" has some great moments, "Grotesque Modern Art" rocks and "Aeon Aomegas" is an acoustic interlude which reminds me of some early Gorguts moments and the closer "Walk the Path of Fire" is pretty brutal.

As previously stated, there is nothing totally new about this band, rather they execute death metal pretty well. The band gets points for having done their homework. I hope this becomes more of a norm in the modern death metal scene.