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Amazing album from great Polish band - 90%

dismember_marcin, May 5th, 2011

This is just fuckin unbelievable. First time I've listened to this album, I was left astonished. I couldn't speak a word and didn't know what I should do next... „Trioditis” simply crushed me, ripped the guts out and left the corpse in the mud. I am really AMAZED by the work Abusiveness did on this album and truly, I think they've released one of the best heathen metal albums in recent years - and not only in Poland, but also worldwide, where this boring humpa humpa viking crap dominates. Great, kurwa!

I hope I don't need to introduce you to Abusiveness as this band have been around for years, even though they existed mostly in the deep underground, but they've unleashed some great recordings and as such should be known to those, who're interested in quality heathen metal from Slavs' lands (I don't like to use the word "Eastern Europe", as geographically Poland is actually in the centre of Europe for fuck sake! It's not the 80's and Eastern communist block anymore). Personally I've been listening to them since I got their demo "Dwie Twarze Mroku" around the end of the 90's - I totally liked it, as it had this great atmosphere I could compare to Behemoth's "Grom" or Sacrilegium's "Wicher" (two eternal Polish classics!). Also Abusiveness had unique style, especially some riffs and vocals. And you know what? These things are still present in their music, even though it's been such a long time since that demo.

It's 2011, but from the opening song I knew it's Abusiveness. Abusiveness has their own, unique style; one that was on the mentioned demo and which developed through the years but is still very recognizable. First riffs, first vocal parts and yeah... It's them and „Odmrocze / Trioditis” has really a lot in common with the old days of the band, although Abusiveness definitely developed stylistically, the arrangements and compositions went so much further, but kept their roots alive and also the production is so much better. I can say that it's rare when Polish band has such characteristic style; only the best ones do and Abusiveness is among them. And I really like their music a lot.

Funny thing is that, although I knew their potential, I can't say I expected „Trioditis” to be so great, so perfect in compositions, arrangements, technique... To me this is almost perfect album, very varied, but at the same time all its details "click together" brilliantly as everything is in the right place. I can honestly listen to it for hours and it doesn't get any boring; actually I discover more and more great details in „Trioditis”, so much this album has to offer. And it doesn't matter if you're here for fast, sinister black metal, with which your fists will hit the heavens or if you like those very death metal oriented riffings here and there - which by the way are no surprise, if you look at the bands Abusiveness guys also play for. Finally „Trioditis” has those great epic themes, which are not only damn catchy and sound so great, but also are far from the bombastic and sugarry shit that many bands like to perform. No, this is pure heathen, male stuff, hard as fuckin old oak. With twelve songs in total, I cannot really pick one, which would be my favorite, as I like the album as whole, although I must say a word about „Hangatyr (Bóg Wisielców)”. This song has quite surprising finish, which I like a lot, with great, dark and sinister mood, but it may surprise few of you, as it can fit more to those religious black metal bands rather than your average pagan metal act. Of course Abusiveness is not the average band, so...

Finally I would also like to note how much impressed I am with Mscislaw's vocals. It not easy to perform Polish written lyrics, but this guy has fantastic and original style of singing. No other vocalist can rival him in that - well, maybe except Furia’s Nihil. Anyway, this guy does amazing job, Abusiveness wouldn't be the same without his voice.