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Abuser - Promo 2007

A really promising start for these guys! - 88%

CKeen666, January 16th, 2009

Thrash metal is having some sort of revival in these years, and that's a really good thing in my opinion! Many new thrash bands are coming out from nowhere (Fueled by Fire, Besieged, Evile, Municipal Waste, just to name a few.), bringing back the oldschool thrash metal sound of the 80s, unlike bands like Machine Head and Trivium that play modern thrash/groove metal.

This is a 4 songs demo from a new thrash band, but they already want to let us know that they're not joking. I got this demo from a friend of mine that told me Abuser gave him the promo for free on their myspace. This is very good oldschool thrash metal, influenced by many thrash metal legends, but you will clearly see that these guys like Testament and Whiplash.

But let's get to the songs, the promo begins with the song Venceance, that has a good melodic intro, where both bass and guitar are clearly audible. Then after 30 seconds the music gets heavier, with a good riff and some nice drum beats. You will notice that the production is very good for a demo (Oh well, we're in 2007!), and you can clearly hear all the instruments. The singer reminds me of Chuck Billy in a harsh variation, even though sometimes he really sounded like Chuck.

The drumming is good too, for sure more enjoyable than Lars Ulrich on Kill 'Em All. And, of course, there are good riffs everywhere too. At times the song reminds me of "We Fuckin' Care" by Extrema, maybe because of the production that is similar to that ep, but this doesn't sound like Extrema aside for this. The solo is great, even though somehow too short, it also reminds me of Testament. There are some entertaining choruses too.

"Flesh Eaters" is a bit different from the first song, with more "angry" riffs. Here the singer reminds me of the one from the german thrashers "Vendetta", and yet again all the members prove that they know what they're doing. One thing that I really liked was that the drumming isn't repetitive like in some other thrash albums (Think of the song "Beneath the Remains" by Sepultura for example, even though that's really different than this), Then there is the solo that is again good, reminding me of Death Angel's debut a bit.

Third song, "Iron Ghost" is the longest track on here, being a 6:37 thrasher. Though don't think of a boring progressive piece, this one also provides good headbanging moments already around 2:00. The riffs here are slower than "Flesh Eaters", though they're still good. There is also a drumming part that reminds me of the song "South of Heaven" by Slayer for it's style. The solo is also good, even though not the best solo of the demo.

Then there is a Whiplash cover, "Spit on your Grave", and here you can see who influenced these guys. Yup, the cover is indeed good, being very energetic and fun to listen to. Whiplash should be proud of this cover!

"I am the master. I'll spit on your grave!"

Overall, this is a very good start for these guys, and I hope to see more from them, because as long as bands like Abuser are around, thrash will never die!