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Stunning. - 98%

wotansvrede, February 20th, 2008

This is my favourite release by this band from 90’s. Verlassen is a great song, with clean guitar playing 1st riff, the volume swell and disted guitar playing the main riff, and vocals are amazing. The atmosphere of this album is very different from their 1st full length release. The guitar sound is heavier and vocals are more like that on their 2nd full length release. I specifically like the raw feel of this album compared to Asgardsrei, their 2nd full length. The main riff for In Des Mondes Blut'gem Schein was a bit of a surprise, when I heard it for the first time, almost like something I would expect from doomy heavy metal or a band who’s style is similar to that of Crux Dissimulata, which I head several years after I heard this split, which combines black metal with RAC influences.