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Shouldn't be overlooked - 80%

Muloc7253, May 23rd, 2009

"Never officially released. Some copies exist on the underground"

So apparently Sadness was only distributed among friends, probably bootlegged, and only really saw an official release when rereleased with God's Death. For that reason I presume it's quite an ignored demo, which is a shame because this is just as good as some of their more popular demos like Thuringian Pagan Madness and Death From the Forest. It still sounds exactly like Absurd, so expect a really raw production job, odd, sloppy heavy-handed drumming, a distorted and barely-tuned guitar playing punk riffs with an odd, epic feel to them, and a German guy shouting over it German. Early Absurd is some of the weirdest cult black metal, not really sounding much like black metal at all but feeling like it, and holding a black metal spirit even though it doesn't necessarily have any of the typical features of black metal.

Just like the other demos, it's awesome. I can't get enough of early Absurd. Surely it's raw, and sloppy, and...absurd sounding, but they had such a unique way of writing songs that simply cannot be understated. Maybe it's not, maybe this is similar to some old punk bands. I'm not an expert and couldn't say. But to these ears it just sounds great. All of the riffs are sort of...well not folky, although they have a folkish vibe. Pagan, I guess, the riffs 'sound pagan', if that makes any sense at all. The vocalist obviously has no real singing talent, but he has such a declarative tone in the way that he shouts the lyrics (which would fully come to fruitation on 'Eternal Winter' on the Thuringarian Pagan Madness demo) and the drummer just plods along, occasionally playing some super fast double bass that just sounds so fucking cool due to the rehearsal room production.

The songs themselves are good. This demo has a few exclusive tracks, which are all great early Absurd songs, and we also have a new, more epic version of the classic Last Breath (an early Absurd staple) titled 'the battle version', which opens with a piano playing the main vocal melody. It sounds more aggressive than the version on Death From the Forest and I think I actually prefer it (even though that's one of my favourite Absurd demos) although it doesn't have that long sample at the beginning.

If you're new to (early) Absurd then I'd suggest checking out Thuringian Pagan Madness first, and then checking out the demos if you like that (which you won't). All of the demos are recommended, but make sure you don't pass up this one just because it's seldom mentioned and reviewed. You'd be missing out on some really great music.