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Resting on laurels of the past - 50%

Tchortu, July 9th, 2009

I received this EP several years ago and have only got around to reviewing it now.

The album tracks are open to debate as to whether they class as BM, highly melodic and tedious with a very clean production. They would, I suppose sound like Children of Bodom do to a DM fan). These four tracks are at best a highly clean and boring melodic guitar riff with some average, pro forma vocals over the top.

The best thing I can say about this EP is that the CD disc itself looked really cool with it being completely see-through around the outside.

This EP strikes me as a band that are resting its laurels entirely on its past "achievements". The music seems to lot lack effort, it lacks song writing ability and that very important ability in BM - creating an atmosphere, something this EP lacks badly. I have no doubt that if this album were released by some unknown band it would be getting an even bigger pasting on here than it is now.

Boring! - 47%

MetalAbu, April 11th, 2007

The first track starts with an acoustic guitar. And then it turns into well produced black metal with monotonous riffs, fast drumming and harsh vocals.

It gets very boring after a short time, because everything is monotnous. And the vocals of Wolf are harsh, but there is a lack of real aggression. Just doing rough vocals is not enough to create a raw atmosphere. You have to put in emotions like hate and anger. Otherwise it sounds as boring as this release does.

The drummer does a good job, but he is playing the same rhythm six songs on. Boring.
The guitars not bad, but it’s like I mentioned it before: Nothing changes. Six songs with the same, average riffs that any average underground black metal band could play, too.

So, you now know that this is boring. Now I tell you what is bad here, too.
Wolf’s English pronunciation is so bad that it always sounds like somebody is doing a parody. And two of six songs have lyrics in English. So two songs losing points even because the vocalist is too cackhanded to pronunciate English words. Really pitiful.

The only good thing here is the clear production. I know that a lot of fans of oldschool black metal like garage productions, but I don’t. So if you’re a fan of garage productions, you would find nothing good here.

Very good EP - 89%

Aquifel, June 8th, 2004

After the release of the great "Totenlieder" CD, I was very anxious for the next release. And yeah, "Raubritter" is a very good release too.

The music is similar to "Totenlieder". That means this is Black Metal to shout along, with great melodies. The titletrack and opener "Raubritter" is the best song. Very melodic and quite fast this is a real good hymn for friends of this knd of music. The other songs are similar to "Raubritter" and there are no great changes in style. "Die Rote Rune" and "Permafrost" are slower than the other songs, which brings variation to this release. The more clean vocals, which appeared sometimes on "Totenlieder" are reduced to a minimum. The english vocals on "Green Heart" and "As the Fullmoon disappears" sound sometimes a little bit "funny" as the vocalist's pronounciation is not the best. Nevertheless the songs remain great, though "Totenlieder" was all in all the better release.

Everybody who liked "Totenlieder", will like this one. Check it out!