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Thrash meets Deathspell Omega - 70%

pinetar, November 2nd, 2011

I've always loved Absu. To me, Absu was a breakaway band from the convoluted primordial and (more or less pathetic) oversaturated flux of so many awful black metal bands out there. Absu had balls. They never took themselves too seriously with all their pretentiousness. They were different and stood out from the crowd with their tenacity fueled by Proscriptor's ungodly showmanship and talent. Proscriptor was made to be a showman.

I was very disappointed in the last Absu album. Gone were the catchy thrashing riffs from Equitant. Gone were the balls to the wall tenacity. It was more or less a generic offering in my mind, a disposable showcase of a newly formed band that lacked cohesion. While this album is similar in some respects to the former, I believe Absu have taken a step forward with this album and have showed some positive progression. They're taking cues from modern black metal bands like Death Spell Omega and trying to mix them with catchy thrashing riffs. This works in Absu's favor some of the time. What else could capture the awe inspiring gaze of the celestial abyss and power of the previous deities of Sumerian worship than avant-garde black metal? What could be less structured and organic to capture something that goes beyond comprehension? Absu try to capture this organic quality and mix it with thrashing memorable riffs.

While this seems like it would be something to remember, something to enjoy, something to stand out in a crowd of an oversaturated genre that I'm sure even someone's grandmother enjoys at this point, it's fairly lackluster in the end because other bands have done it to a much further extent already. Other bands have taken both extremes (Absu itself in its prime for thrashing black metal and DSOM for organic avant-garde metal). I still love Absu. I do enjoy this album. But as a whole this album still leaves something desperately to be desired. I like this album much more than the previous album, but there just isn't enough cohesion with the aesthetic approach Absu is trying to create and it just comes across as flat to me.

I miss thrashing, balls to the walls Absu. Equitant is sorely missed.