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uggh...2 years of waiting and this? - 50%

burnoutfool, October 11th, 2011

Absu is fantastic. I have listened to them for many years. I have always liked their early stuff, even their death metal demos and their really weird black metal. I have never said bad things about them, and it took a lot of effort to think of the things to say about this album, both good and bad, and the latter seemed to come easier then the former. I think I was mostly disappointed because of the wait. Absu and Abzu are supposed to be two parts of the same story, and especially since they got a new member right after the release of Absu, this album should have really came late. Seriously though, I was thoroughly discouraged when I heard the first track...and there is just nothing I could say...

Except at how I was so pissed that the rest of the record followed the same bullshit as the annoying first track. To be honest, this album was utter chaos - in a bad way. None of the music flowed into each other. Nothing seemed to be standout in any way compared to Tara or Third Storm of Cythraul. I think the biggest annoyance was the starting scream. It really set the pace for the rest of the record. It honestly sounded like Givens was having his vocals chords torn. It was terrible. His vocals on the rest of the album were okay, but I think the most depressing thing is that we didn't get a track that was like Amy off of the last album. It was catchy, it was driving and it was well written...and that just didn't happen.

I was amused at how the music didn't flow. Seriously. Take the cover of Morbid Scream's vocals...picture those vocals over Tara's drums and Cythraul's bass/guitar parts. Now put them in all different time signatures and mix them in a studio and piss around with them in pro tools, and holy hell, you have Abzu. It was frustrating to say the least, but it was also just downright sad and annoying. I couldn't even bring myself to fully finish a track off the album except the last song, which was actually pretty good.

To be frank, I guess I did like the last track, and also the lyrics were written flawlessly as always. And the ritual behind the album is phenomenal. I have always appreciated this in the album, which is why I could not bring myself to giving these guys any less of a score than I did.

I guess the most frustrating thing about this album was the wait. I wish I could be nicer, but with a band that has a history like Absu, it's hard to critique without basing it off past glorious wins that seemed to be every album till this shitheap. I honestly have nothing much to say about this album nice, other than the production increased.