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Bland Quasi-Doom - 60%

Lord_Elden, October 11th, 2006

Being a fan of Traditional Doom I checked out Abstrakt Algebra because of Leif Edling's involvement. Unfortunately this pales in comparison to Candlemass or even Krux. The music itself is leaning more towards Power Metal (not that sugar-coated European Power Metal, which I like to call Flower Metal, mind you) than actual Doom.

The album starts strongly with the song Stigmata which is the most memorable song of the mediocre lot found on this album. It's been awhile since I listened to the album but I can still hear the refrain. The next two songs are more or less solid. Listenable but rather bland. And the fourth song, the eponymous title track is the other highlight of the album. After that the whole shebang looses the sense of direction and becomes a mish-mash musical playground for Edling's ideas. Ideas that don't fit into the album as a whole. There's no doubt that the band is a bunch of talented fellows but there's enough material here for an EP, not a full length album. Filling it with experimental half-finished song-wannabies destroys the overall impression.

And then there's the matter of production. I have nothing against what so many people call poor production. If poor production means muddy, raw, old school and vintage. The problem with Abstrakt Algebra is that the production feels tame. The riffs should be much more aggressive. And the doomy parts should be crushingly heavy and pounding. I want to hear an angry tiger but I get a Fluffy on morphine instead. And I can hear the vocalist has potential, but the production cages that potential leaving him too low in the mix.

Altogether a rather half-baked and bland album with two somewhat outstanding songs. Recommended only for fans of Leid Edling.

(Originally written for under the moniker KingBizarre)