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Good (new+old) school death metalliqe - 87%

Shadespawn, November 30th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago there was a concert in a little town somewhere in Bavaria where the band of a few friends played and apart from them, I wasn't expecting anything too interesting or overall anything I would like. I sure was surprised when these dudes stepped on stage or should I say when they started playing. Absorb have been around quite some time now (1989), but it seems they have been having trouble releasing/recording/writing stuff since they only have a couple of demos and a Legacy 4-way split flying around, with the exception of their 2010 (!) album "Dealing With Pain". So when their show was over I asked one of the dudes if I could have a CD for a review and here it is.

After putting this thing in my cd player, I was really amazed to hear a really cool, slightly fuzzy production that really reminds one of the old days of old school death metal. Yeah it's mushy, its dirty, and intense. It basically fulfills every cliché you know or heard about old school death metal; it's groovy, downtuned, aggressive as fuck, and smashes you with fast-paced punk-like rhythms and doomy chuggy riffs. I'm not sure where this album was recorded, but as far as the production goes they did an overall good job since no instrument is mixed too loud or too thin. The sound, however, is a little damped down, but it's not really a problem in this case. "Dealing With Pain"'s songs are very similar in approach, but since you want to hear a decent coherent death metal album and not a single collection of your favorite pop band, this is a good thing. I really like the singer's vocals on this one as I've liked them live. He manages to bring a lot of volume to his voice and sounds really pissed. Now "singing" in death metal (or any other extreme genre) can be a very difficult thing since, for an "outsider", everything seems to sound monotonous, but for a connoisseur, each and every grunt has it's own flavor. This dude really does that magical thing that can be heard in the ranks of bands such as Entombed or Dismember, an aggressive grunt with a raspy tone to it.

Generally, if you like straight balls out death metal, then you should give this a listen since it rocks. If you are on the lookout for that special obscure, yet old school gem that you don't have yet, go get this album. Yeah it may be a couple of decades too late, but it's always better late than never. I really wonder where these guys would have gone on the cult totem if they released more stuff back in the day. Give it a try.