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Absolute Steel > The Fair Bitch Project > Reviews
Absolute Steel - The Fair Bitch Project

ABSOLUTE STEEL - The Fair Bitch Project - 75%

Skyklad, July 20th, 2002

ABSOLUTE STEEL - The Fair Bitch Project (Edgerunner~2002)
This album is worth purchasing just for the humorous intro track and all around party atmosphere ! I almost managed to spew my beer all over the keyboard when this started out. The musicianship is old school, straightforward Metal / Hard Rock in the spirit of old TWISTED SISTER or MÖTLEY CRÜE and boasts tons of guitar soloing and memorable chorus lines. One thing you are definitely going to need is a sense of "raunchy" humour and high testosterone levels as the lyrical inspiration for "The Fair Bitch Project" is about sex, sex and more sex. I think this has been overdone and would have preferred more variety but the guys out there will probably really enjoy it. The booklet that accompanies the CD is well done and has loads of humour built in that you have to really see to enjoy. ABSOLUTE STEEL have burst on the scene to make a new genre: Party Metal and everyone´s invited as long as you BYOR (Bring Your Own Rubbers). Website: