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Two great styles coming together. - 90%

kale100, July 7th, 2009

From the first minute of listening to this split you can tell it's going to be a downright amazing one. Chris Reifert of course being the sick-minded musical genius he is has twisted the mutant death/punk creation even further. Bonesaw, although being quite an unknown band, also contributes an amazing sound to this album. You can definatly see Bonesaw's Abscess/Autopsy influences in their two amazing songs. Prepare to enter this sludgy abyss...

Seeing Demons (Abscess) - Talk about one hell of an intro. This song is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of nonstop madness. I really hope to see Abscess continue in the direction of this song. It has that fast-pounding punk style beat, with that dark sludgyness of death metal in a level that only Chris Reifert can reach.

Skulldozer (Abscess) - Here's the catchiest track on the album. Very punk excluding the vocals, which are obviously death metal. Chorus is very catchy even though it's only one word shouted a few times with a very simple riff behind it. 1 and a half minutes into the song you got one hell of a shredding guitar solo; with the song ending with the chorus as well as some more guitar thrown in.

Nervous Breakdown (Abscess covering Black Flag) - Kind of a dissapointing track. Although it's an excellently metalified cover of a punk song, it's just not really Abscess style.

Born to be Doomed (Abscess) - The last Abscess song on the split finishes up their set quite strong. It sounds much like a compromised mix of Seeing Demons and Skulldozer, plus a minute and a half in you get some guitar work that sounds very Autopsy-like.

Necrosexual (Bonesaw) - A very good first impression from these guys. The first half of the song sounds very much like early Autopsy with a nice dose of punk mixed in. From two minutes onwards you could label the song as a bonus track to Mental Funeral and nobody would question it. It's absolutely outstanding.

Weakening Grip (Bonesaw) - A very nice close to the album. A fairly slow-paced sludgy masterpiece, again very reminiscient of Mental Funeral/Acts of the Unspeakable Autopsy.

Overall I'd recommend this album to any fan of old school death metal. This split is an instant classic in my view. You get to see some of the best material from Abscess, as well as being introduced to a great new band that shows the sick-twisted spirit of Autopsy.