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Death Metal with punk spirit - 80%

Cochino, March 7th, 2007

This CD is a very good, little death metal album. Why little? Because it doesn't have the greatness of Autopsy, nor even the intention to be that great. It just tries to be a good, fun death album, and it accomplishes its mission.

The best of the album are the punk elements. Some clean vocals, simple riffs, short songs. It makes this release a lot of fun. And some of the tracks are catchy and powerful, like Worm Sty Infection, Gonna Mow You Down and The Scent Of Shit to mention the better ones. And ALL of the solos are amazing. And it's not like I'm a guitar freak or anything like that, but the solos are totally functional with the songs and they always help the atmosphere of the track.

There's a few filler, of course, this is no masterpiece. But the aftemath is possitive to me.

So if you're expecting a ground-breaking, mind-blowing record, you better stick to the first 2 Autopsy Full-Lenghts, but if otherwise, you wanna listen to a good album of simplistic Death Metal, with no more pretentions that being a nice album, I'm pretty sure you'll dig this one. (Fans of clear sound, technical Death Metal stay awat at all costs).