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Abscess / Bloodred Bacteria

Abscess / Bloodred Bacteria

Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, bo - 29%

Noktorn, January 4th, 2011

I don't think you even need to listen to this CD to know everything that happens on it; by this point in Abscess' career they're just an Autopsy tribute band, and Bloodred Bacteria is a complete creative cipher that no one needs to hear. Opening with four tracks, Abscess does exactly the same thing they did through the entirety of their career but with a lot less enthusiasm: ripping off old Autopsy riffs with a hint more rock and roll to differentiate them. The production is cheap and cloudy, not that it matters: all the bland riffs are stolen from stuff Reifert played over but never used back in '91, little four-chord Celtic Frost things with no real creativity to them nor the atmosphere which defined Autopsy. Reifert sounds old and ragged, and the band's side as a whole is just uninspired and uninteresting. They probably should have hung it up a couple albums previous, but the dry, withered teet of Abscess was milked for long after this release.

Bloodred Bacteria is just meaningless; fast, brackish grind like the first Nasum album without any of the intelligent riffcraft and memorable songwriting. Maybe there's a hint of Agathocles there too, but this has none of that band's personality. Most of the riffs are swinging two or three chord things played quickly so you don't notice how simple everything is. Remember those short, brutal, riffless grind tracks on 'Inhale/Exhale'? Well this side is nothing but songs like those; there's no real songwriting, no real riffs, just a bunch of aimless blasting and sawing on the guitar. Admittedly, the opening riff to 'Golden Spoon' is kind of neat, but that alone isn't going to save a side of grind which was dated in '95. Also there's a pointless noise track in the middle of their side which just annoys me even more. I doubt they have anything to offer anywhere else in their career- this split feels like the vanity release of two bands that are BEST BROS or something rather than an attempt at something good for the audience.

Bestial Burst has a bad track record- I've come to think of their logo on a CD as a liability.