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Worthless... - 0%

SunGodPortal, July 6th, 2006

I don't know where to start. First of all, this is not music, it's directionless noise. Some noise recordings are okay because they can be somewhat hypnotic, therefore giving them at least some value. This sounds like a couple of dumbasses improvising with guitar and drums, but without trying to play anything at all. Of course you can't forget the keyboards and "vocals." They are just as stupid since the keyboards just sound like someone is playing them with their face and the "vocals" make me think of someone trying to sound like they are evil and in pain while someone shits in their mouth. I can't believe Aarseth would waste his money releasing this garbage. At least he did manage to scoop up a few good artists like Sigh, Mysticum and Enslaved. This album in no way sounds evil, but it sure as hell tries. You could cut off both of your ears and slam your head in a car door a couple of times and it will still sound better than this piece of shit.