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unsurpassed evil - 100%

Mortifer_Hellfire, August 6th, 2006

Have you ever felt the compulsive need to slice your wrists or those of all the people around you? Have you ever truly gazed into the Abyss? Have you seen the crimson demon wings demanding utter obedience and urging your pathetic waste of flesh to commit unspeakable atrocities? This album gives me just that. From the very first second you get plunged into the darkest depths of Satan's Hellish empire. Darker than black and infinitly more bloody than all the gore bands combined, this is extremely wicked and unpleasant. The chaos and pain that It and Evil have put to tape is so vile that mere human words fail to describe the sheer evil that drips from my stereoset. All things unpleasant and distasteful suddenly become very rewarding. In this trip of blasphemy and intolerance all that is human gets stripped from your soul until there is a bleeding corpse left. Upon closer viewing you realize that the corpse is you. This album is pain, suicide, rape, torture, violence, intolerance, war, all things evil into one burst of negative emotions. There is no way anyone can review this album with a musical point of view. How can you give a musically based judgement on something that is not, nor tries to be, music? The rating above is simply a matter of taste. Very effective to be played at maximum volume in a completely lightless surrounding. It will truly kill your sanity.