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Pain, pure and simple... - 80%

MHITO, October 2nd, 2002

From the genius behind Opthalamia and to a lesser extent War, It, comes an album so completely out of sync with anything ever before released under a black metal nominator, that indeed it is a hard thing to review.

Why? Because this isn't music anymore, this is audio Hell. This pure damnation drizzling through your speakers.

Where most music seems a way for either the musician or the listener to deal with pain and inner turmoil, Abruptum loose themselves completely in the horror and pain they (say they) endure. Abruptum is an amplifier for pain and suffering. This is actually what it would sound like when Neurosis or even Esoteric would get REALLY depressed.

I'm not even sure the term metal aplies anymore, this is Noise with the atmosphere of some of the more grim and somber Black Metal Albums (try Burzum times ten).

It is in any case an interesting album and deserves the Cult status is has achieved over the years.

Not for the weak hearted.