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Evil Black Noise - 85%

Der_Vergawaltiger, December 11th, 2011

What we have here is the departure of Abruptum part one and with a dirty, bloody fist, Evil and It unleash Abruptum, the second and subsequent chapters. Let us look at what we have here: an album of noise, consisting of sludgy guitars, random screams, groans & yelps, strange sound effects & drums which seem to have no sort of obvious direction.

No one within the black metal circle was making this sort of music (if you can call it that?) and that had to be their unique selling point, for want of a better phrase.

Here is where they left behind the demos of old which were death like in their approach and started this pattern (which ironically, has no pattern) of noise. There isn't much to add that others before me haven't already described, but here, on their first full length, it is just that. Random noises, varied drumming, screams in a raspy or high pitched style. Some death like growls with reverb and added effects, all accompanied with sporadic guitars.

This is their finest moment and in my opinion, this is a fuck off in the face to people who think/say that music should follow certain rules to make it audible and enjoyable. I am not a fan of noise per se, yet I have always liked this album. I think the fact that this seems completely unpalatable to almost everyone makes it even more desirable!

I prefer their debut to the later releases as it's more grungy and filthy in its attack. It is relentlese and ugly and I can see exactly why Øystein Aarseth would've signed them to DSP. It stands for everything he believed in! Non conformist... It's not black metal as such, yet it signifies exactly what black metal used to stand for! An unacceptable form of metal, played for the chosen ears that can decify the beauty within!

To piss off EVERYONE you know, get this and play it loud! It makes no sense, which is why it's so good!