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Macabre and darkest death... - 96%

hastings, June 12th, 2005

The recording kicks off with a brooding obscure intro, plucked from John Carpenters’ cult sci-fi horror movie, THE THING. After about a minute and a half of this, the down tuned death onslaught surges from the speakers with the first track, ‘Human Abattoir’. Both guitars have a different sound quality. They are separated in each speaker. One comes across as bright, while the other is thick and chunky. When combined they sound heavy and crunchy at the same time. The music on this track has heaps of palm muted guitar riffs then breaks into a sonic blast. The drummer almost unable to keep up with himself! The snare drum is high tuned and further ads to the grind quality of the band. But having said that, this recording is definitely all about dark themes and macabre torture. The vocals are really inhuman and unclear. It gives them a mysterious and evil vibe. Lead guitarist Tim even finds time to do some exceptional solos. Real melodic and lyrical. And the mid section of ‘Dearly Beloved’ is a haunting triumph. The guitars paint a picture of a graveyard exhumation, or dank coffin chamber in your mind… you can imagine the fog creeping in from an unknown source. That is how it makes you feel.
To finish this up, I would say that when you’re in the mood for some macabre, dark death metal… play this baby and you'll soon be dreaming of disturbing blood soaked torture. It works for me.