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Aborym's Grand Opus of Misanthropy - 98%

Zephyrus, May 31st, 2007

Too often do people describe a metal album as the “soundtrack to the apocalypse,” simply for the album’s merits in brutality. However, few albums can convey the sheer terror of life in a post-apocalyptic world as can Italy’s Aborym through their latest album, Generator. From the bleak introduction to the fading conclusion of “I Reject!”, the music you find here is a cold, mechanical manifestation of calculated violence and contempt for humanity.

Few bands so skillfully combine raw, hateful black metal with industrial nuances to create such a unique journey through the bowels of nuclear winter. Aborym accomplished this by advancing in maturity. Their previous album, With No Human Intervention, was an excellent fusion of black metal with techno but seemed to lack the serious focus that would drive their opus into the realms of malefic perfection. Not a single sample, choir chant, or Charles Manson quote is out of place and the guitars are simply deadly. Prime evil effuses diabolical vocals worthy of such a misanthropic masterpiece, and he is a worthy replacement for Attila.

This album is devoid of mediocrity; each track contains within itself its own version of an apocalyptic nightmare, utilizing a deadly cold atmosphere which leaves the listener vulnerable to punishing drumming (now by a human, thanks to Faust) and vicious guitar-riffing. Tracks such as “Generator” or “Suffer Catalyst” come at you with explosions of hateful blast-beats and sections of emotional ambience. This method is most successful on “Man Bites God” where an unsettling exposition of keyboards and Atilla’s growls suddenly detonates into a cataclysmic blast volley.

Aborym have reached their apex with this album, their most focused effort to be “generated” from the Italian industrial black metal machine. This is my personal #1 Black Metal Album of 2006 and a must for anyone who likes their black metal with radically new flavors. Own this, and worship.