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Welcome to the Apocalypse - 100%

Villain, July 12th, 2006

Aborym have always, in my mind, been an enigma. They are difficult to generalize. You can't say "If you like [band name here], you'll like Aborym."

It is clearly black metal, but in the modern world of metal where every sound imaginable has it's own genre, Aborym stand apart. Basically, take everything you know about black metal and throw it out the window. Start with a foundation of industrial and electronic influences. Build upon that the chaos and catharsis of black metal. Add structure. Refine that sound over the course of 3 albums and you have Generator.

Until now, Aborym have been relegated to the lower tiers of the scene. Often misunderstood and pushed aside, they pressed on creating their own brand of chaos. Finally, it has come to fruition.

From the aptly titled intro, "Armageddon", to the final seconds of "I Reject!" you're taken on a journey through the darkest reaches of the human psyche. There are even a few clips of everyone's favorite lunatic, Charles Manson, thrown in here and there.

Lyrically, you're transported into the future. All is cold and bleak. The world is in chaos and a certain hopelessness has set in. God is dead. All that remains is the hatred that mankind has for himself and god.

The music itself portrays all of this and more. There are few who can create such atmosphere musically these days. The songwriting is top-notch. And the musicians execute each song to near perfection. Rarely is there a dull moment. This album demands the listener's attention from start to finish.

In essence, this is pure, undeniable black metal. In form, it is cold and calculated. In the end, it leaves you begging for more. I don't doubt that we will soon see a slew of clones trying to recreate the magic(k) that we have here.