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An interesting little EP. - 80%

Kanwvlf, July 12th, 2004

Wow, this is fucking heavy, the vocals are sick as fuck, and the guitars have an awesome thick, dirty tone to them.
There's also a huge difference between the gory vocals, and the scream-until-your-head-explodes vocals. The gory growls are so much better, and are suited to the music much more, but the screams aren't too bad at all.

The riffing is excellent, as ever, but it seems like the guitars and bass is far too high in the mix, because you cannot hear the fucking drums at all. Just this constant pound of dirty riffs, and the occasional cymbal sound in the background. This first song definately makes me say this is heavier than any Aborted I've heard.

The second song is an awesome cover of Entombed's 'Drowned' and features more over-powering guitars and bass, which doesn't allow you to hear the drums very much, unless they're blastbeating. The vocals are still as sick as ever, and the guitar still has its dirty tone.

With the third song, we're back with Aborted's gruesome song titles. We're treated to yet another sick song, but this time there's more screamed vocals than what I like. A couple of minutes into the song there a fucking awesome guitar solo, that starts off slow and then fucking shreds away at your brain.

The fourth song continues the same old Aborted ritual, which the previous songs had, with the sick vocals and dirty guitar tone, but this time it's a little bit more progressive, as the guitars do things you probably won't have heard Aborted do before.

Both the live songs suffer from having the bass far too fucking loud/high, and that's all you can really hear, apart from the vocals which just seem to be there, and this time you can hear the drums more often than the studio tracks. Still, these live recordings could have been so much better.