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Who am I when push comes to shove? - 85%

DomDomMCMG, November 24th, 2011

A lot of people see this as Aborted's sellout record, but i'd argue that that didn't come 'til much later (Strychnine), but even then, that's hardly a sellout record, just a bad one. What this is is basically a very different approach than what Aborted had done before. Yeah parts of it sound a bit metalcore and it's very different to the last 3 albums, but since when did different mean sellout?

This is a solid brutal death metal with a fair amount of influence from melodic death metal and metalcore. If that sounds vomit inducing to you, stop reading and go listen to Purity of Perversion. Anyone who doesn't care, carry on.

Once again, Svencho outdoes his bandmates with a punishing assault of extremely deep and guttural grunts that put even the most br00t4l of slam vocalists to shame. Accompanying these horrifying growls and a barrage of hardcore shouting. Again, the combination of styles and the way Sven uses them really gives him character as a vocalist, as opposed to just doing the same song for 36 minutes.

The riffs range from fast thrashy riffs to mid-paced death metal to occasional breakdowns which I imagine are placed for the purpose of a live setting. While they aren't terribly varied, they are very heavy, and the band have the courtesy not to make them drag on. One such example is opener Dead Wreckoning, which features a breakdown halfway through with some samples from American Psycho (great film with a shit ending) with Svencho seemingly telling a tale from the mind of a madman, about the closest thing this album has to choruses.

There are solos on this, but they're few and far between. They're skillfully played, but not very memorable, but still, i'd take a well played throwaway solo over one that I only remember for being bad. Bass nonexistent. No surprise there. Drumwork is what you expect from Aborted by now. Lots of blast beats and concise fills. Nothing terrific, merely competent.

This is a solid release from a band that should surely be recognised as a standout from the brutal death metal pack. Worship them like the gods they are. Not their best release, but far from their worst.

Highlights: Dead Wreckoning, Gestated Rabidity, The Inertia, Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome

Go go gore core - 65%

autothrall, November 18th, 2009

Aborted is the only straight up death metal band out of Belgium that I listen to on any normal basis, starting with the 2nd album Engineering the Dead. The Archaic Abattoir is the band's 4th full length, coming off the heels of what many fans consider their best, Goremageddon. Aborted rock a style that infused grinding Carcass rhythms and brutal drum work with a lot of breakdowns. For this reason (and the way the vocals are positioned over a lot of the chugging riffs), they cast a few misleading -core shadows on this album and its successors.

'Eviscerated carnal delicatesse
Had been lying around for days
My cannibalistic malpractice enthralls
Gangrenous process in excess
Bereaving the swarm of flesh
A malpractice in necronutricious form...'

But don't panic. The Archaic Abattoir is still hand over fist a death metal record, with energetic bursts of controlled chaos such as "A Cold Logistic Slaughter", "Gestated Rabidity", and "The Gangrenous Epitaph" sure to inflame any pit starved crop of gorefiends. The band does display moments of branching out here, such as the brief electro rhythm that breaks into "Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome", a track that balances grooves, brutality and some further synth. Closer "Decend to Extirpation" does have some dual corish vocals to it, yet the leads and melodies make the song feel bloody and fresh, and it busts out a truly old school feel during the bridge. I'm not fond of all the tracks on the album, for example "Hecatomb" is a waste of space, just under three minutes of mostly metalcore breakdowns that occasionally transform into deathgrind with a boring selection of notes. "The Inertia" loses just that, it begins with a bang and later descends into some bland riffing before a final, sad guitar rhythm attempts to save it.

It's almost as if the album refuses to commit itself fully to awesomeness, playing safe with a few lame pit grooves in a number of the tracks. Granted, it sounds fantastic, with big, chunky guitar rhythms that recall Carcass and no lack for bass or drumming. I prefer Sven's vocals when he's straight up grunting, the use of multiple layered vocals only serves the -core aesthetic, and there is a straight metalcore bark used often. The lyrics are actually decent here, a little deeper than the average sloppy gore. Though it shows moments of worth, The Archaic Abattoir is sadly pale in comparison to the previous two albums. Fans might find enough here to listen on, but my impulses are better served through Engineering the Dead or Goremageddon.

Highlights: Gestated Rabidity, The Gangrenous Epitaph, Voraceous Haemoglobinic Syndrome


I've killed a lot of people... - 98%

Evilspeak, July 4th, 2009

This is a fun album, and because its so good it is in my top 100 albums of alltime and is surely a top 10 record. This is death metal at its finest with tons of brutality and monolithic musicianship. The production on this album is great with excellent clarity of the all the instruments involved. There is an obvious Carcass influence on this record not just with the sick lyrical content but also with the outstanding guitar work presented here. The leads and soloing seems to just come out of nowhere but it actually gives the music an added dimension which propels this album from ordinary death metal to balls to the wall technical and artistic sonic domination. Top tracks include "Dead Wreckoning", "Gestated Rabidity", "The Inertia", and "Threading On Vermillion Deception" (my personal favorite).

This band has come a long way from their initial releases even though back then they were highly regarded as one of the best bands out on the market even then. They've added more technicality and have enriched their music further since their inception. They have furthered the boundaries when it comes to extreme death metal using heavy riffs and groove oriented combinations transcending a lot of bands while kicking ass and taking names. As a whole this group has advanced to another level with this record and are not afraid to experiment which give them an added versatility to go along with an already brutal sound. With great searing vocals, excellent guitar work, and bone crushing drum work Aborted have given you a glimpse of what is too come for the band. At the end of the day you can call it grindcore or just straight up death metal. It doesnt matter, this shit is sick, gory, and twisted and Aborted have severed the ties to themselves from the rest of crowd.

The Archaic Abattoir is a step away from the prior records from this band in the sense that they have added a melodic touch with a almost metalcorish sound. So it may turn off some fans who do not care or have grown tired of the melodeath movement. But those moments are small and in between some truly great death metal.

There is just so much to love about this record, its got everything. Its got great musicianship, blood curdling vocals, and downright catchy songs. There are so many great elements throughout this record that there is just no way even the most diehard of death metal fan cannot enjoy. When Aborted first jumped on the scene they have gotten the reputation of being nothing but a Carcass clone, now they have taken what Carcass had started and and further refined the sound and technicality but with advanced it with more heaviness and technique. Even as i write this their follow-up can not hold a candle to this record. This is and was the defining moment for this band and it is a must for any serious death metal fan.

Something’s Lacking… - 18%

Reborn_Satanist, September 30th, 2008

This was the first album I heard by Aborted, and at first I thought it was a strange low for the band that my friends had told me so much about. But then I bought ‘Goremageddon…’ and I realised that it wasn’t particularly bad for them.

The problem with Aborted is how distinctly average the song writing is. Also, a small amount of variety would be a nice thing. Throughout the album, there is little or no change in tempo, and the time signature appears to make no change either.

The guitar playing is solid, sure, but there’s nothing memorable about the riffs, with the possible exception of one decent riff with quite a bit of groove about half way through ‘Blood Fixing The Bled’. The whole of the rest of the album just melts into nothing worth any hype. Another problem with the guitar playing is the complete lack of technicality. They would appear to get their speed and ‘br00tality’ from the drums. It was once mentioned in a Cannibal Corpse interview that it’s all very well having hyper-fast blasts, but they (CC) get their speed from the guitar playing and the speed of the vocal delivery, which is why their music beats the shit out of this. Final disappointment about the guitar playing is the lack of decent solos. There’s a solo close to the end of ‘Gestated Rabidity’, but that’s just a few notes strung together at quite a slow speed. It’s also woefully short, lasting at around five or six notes. One good guitar solo could add about five percent onto the final rating, but this is another thing which this album is sadly lacking.

The vocals are perhaps the most annoying thing on this whole album. Sure, a death metal vocalist is never going to be instantly comprehendible, but unfortunately the vocals for the most part come across like a hoarse monkey whose testicles have suddenly dropped… six or seven feet. Does even the biggest deathcore fanboy want to listen to ‘OOO OOO EEE EEE OOO EEE OOOOO’? I think not. A slight redemption comes with the higher pitched vocals, which are actually listenable.

Almost as pathetic as the vocals are the lyrics. As soon as the first lyric (not actually in the lyric sheet, but pretty much the only intelligible thing on the album) hit my ears, my hopes for the album’s lyrics dropped further than they have for any other album. Does ‘FUCKING GO!’ sound like a lyric that’s worth writing to you? Thought not. Continuously through the album, the lyrics alternate between ‘scientific’ junk that probably means nothing anyway, and ‘emo’ shite.

The best thing about the album is the drumming. And even that’s only slightly above average, with decent blasts and good other drumming. But as it’s only just above average, there’s nothing more for me to really say about it without sounding like the band’s biggest fan (which I think it’s quite clear I’m not).

Finally, there’s the production. It’s alright, but it sounds too much like a modern, clean, no risks production to me. It’s clinically perfect, but that’s not a good thing here.

Overall, a surprisingly mediocre album.

Meh... - 60%

demonomania, March 26th, 2007

You may have read one rave review after the next, but if everyone else likes it, does that mean it is good? In the world of extreme metal, we inherently believe this to be false. We like evil, downtuned, obscure, brutal music - and we like it even more because most people can't stand it. That's probably why hate trends build around metal bands that gain too much popularity - if too many listeners have their album, how UNDERGROUND can a band be? While not necessarily an adherent to the hate trend philosophy, I have now become much more wary of over-hyped albums. Such is the case with THE ARCHAIC ABATTOIR.

Not to say that Aborted don't have a lot of things going for them. The drumming is fast, the vocals (for the most part) are low and gurgly but discernable, and quite a few cool riffs show their faces over the course of TAA. But overall, this is not a disc you pick up and throw in the CD player - there isn't a lot of cohesion, memorability, or presence there. I can play NIGHTMARES MADE FLESH or BLACK TO THE BLIND any day, and enjoy them just as much as the first time. Not so with TAA. I listen to two or three songs, and that's it.

My biggest problems are as follows - blasting drumming just for the sake of blasting drumming, a lot of filler riffs, some obnoxious hardcore vocals, and an overall sterile clean sound. For some bands, this sterile sound works (Decapitated, for example), but with Aborted everything just sounds overdone.

But fear not, there are some cool moments to be found, scattered amidst the clatter. Or splatter, I should say. And before I forget, the artwork certainly is grim - good job, gang. Anyway, "Threading on Vermillion Deception" has an excellent main riff that will have most injuring their spinal column. Other than that, there's a cool electronic intro to “Voracious Haemoglob…blab bla bla,” and “A Cold Logistic Slaughter” is pretty brutal. Almost each track has a solo, breakdown, or ingenious drum pattern that will make most fans of this style take notice. And it is interesting how they’ve mixed the medical goregrind genre with melodic death and death-thrash, but that hardcore influence has GOT to go.

So, a sixty percent is probably a little inflated, but you can tell they tried and I respect that. One can also see that they tried for a bigger audience, and I suppose you can't knock a band for wanting to be successful. Oh wait, this is extreme metal. I guess you can. Not a mandatory purchase - don't believe the hype.

Melodic Brutal Death goes Hardcore ? - 87%

Ermac, November 19th, 2005

I'm really not a fan of all of this goregrind music, but when it comes to Aborted, I can't complain. This band has stretched the boundaries of it's musical style far enough into the melodic death metal territory, and recently into the metalcore genre.
The album kicks in with "Dead Wreckoning" which shows, beside a really neat intro taken from "American Psyhco" the song shows a wise combination between heavy riffage based upon a drastic groove, and a blasting tempo like what we came to know as the trademark of death metal in general. The vocalist here shows a nasty second side of his throat, beside the familiat gurgling bellow. The vocals range to more Hardcore shouting, resembling a twisted offspring of both Glen Benton and Harley Flanagan.
When the song ends, we quickly flow into the more dynamic "Blood Fixing The Bled". The guitarwork here reminds me of Carcass, and in conclusion I can say that this feeling followed me while I was listenning to the entire album.
"Gestated Rabidity" is a better song than the last two - not in a speical way, but I guess more well-written. The vocals of the singer shines through this entire record - much more than Aborted's earlier career.

If I'll be forced to pick up a highlight, I would point at "The Gangrenous Epitaph", which is more groovy than the rest of the songs in the album, and the vocals here are much more hardcore-oriented than the rest of the songs. This song can even mistakenly be considered as a lost Hatebreed tune. Maybe it's diverted theme is what makes it shine in the pile, but I can't really say that the rest of the songs don't do their work.

For all of you Carcass lovers from all times, and for those who like to add a little spice of hardcore harshness to an almost dulling formula of brutal death metal - Aborted's "The Archaic Abattoir" will be your best pick

Brutal - 85%

grindheadrecords, September 5th, 2005

Despite what the first reviewer has said, this album is killer. Aborted became more than a straight out death metal band on Goremageddon - they became a grind band. No longer did they worry about conventions, boundaries or constraints. They threw grooves in the mix, a few hardcore vocals and - god forbid - some melody. They cared naught what was expected of them.

This time around the brutal Belgians have incorporated more of a hardcore/groove orientation. Still brutal as hell, but when you're playing this style of music youve got to keep 'em guessing to stay interesting. Perhaps they wained a little too much from their older work, but this album still tears shit up. Cool samples and structures, stylish grooves, a few melodic passages and as always - brutal death and grind.

However this album is not on par with Goremageddon, and I agree that the Haematobic EP had me expecting just that little bit more. Nonetheless, if anyone utters the term 'sellout' or 'commerical' I'll have no choice but to laugh in their face. Bitterly.

Brutal as hell, and catchy too. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want a better example of this genre try the new Cephallic Carnage. Awe inspiring.

Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir - 33%

aNtZa, March 18th, 2005

Yesterday i finally managed to get in my hands Aborted’s newest effort The Archaic Abattoir. The Haematobic EP provided a couple tracks from the forthcoming album and i was delightfully intrigued how the new album would sound like. It sounded a little bit better produced than ”Goremageddon” and that promised something. After i got finished listening to the new album this morning i was utterly dissapointed. Aborted has moved to a more ”groovier” sound on this one? The songs on this album sounds like they don’t know where they’re going, they’re repeating themself. Ok that’s not totally true, you can spot the differences in the guitarsolos. The drumwork is however good as usual and Sven’s roaring vocals are ok but that doesn’t save this album from being a turkey.

The hightlights on this albums are Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome and Gestated Rabidity which were unfourtunaly already released on the previous ep. The album ends with a confusing feel that your cd player is broken.