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Brutal enough for SINCERE listener! - 90%

zgole, July 25th, 2008

I don’t think that anyone serious about music could say that Aborted once were good band, and nowadays they are just trendy or whatever. But many people “into Death Metal” say that kind of stuff. You know what? You have to be crazy, or totally uninterested, or a true hater to say something stupid like that.

Aborted once presented one of the most brutal bands on the scene. So what? Now they are brutal and interesting, creative, original, exciting band. And that is happening from “Goremageddon...” till today. Last year they released something really wild, that insane “Slaughter...” album, and a year and something after they bring us logical continuation with “Strychnine.213”. And I can tell you; this is one hell of an album.

“Strychnine.213” sounds really, really good – maybe not “brutal” enough, maybe not by-recipe enough, maybe not progressive or whatever enough, but be sure that you will hear some very decent Death Metal, unpretentiously speaking. Just listen.

Haters, you should be realistic about Aborted – it’s not the same band anymore, physically. Singer Sven is original member; other guys are here from year 2005/06/07, so line-up is relatively fresh, like the sound. On the other hand, it’s not the same band musically, so don’t criticize them from a “goredeathgrind-is-only-good-music” point of view. That is very infantile.

Anyway, what we got here is Brutal/Groovy/MeloDeath/Death’n’Roll album; perfect and insane riffing, raging perfectly played drums, and, off course, very aggressive and guttural vocals, with time-to-time screams; but I would say, it’s DEATH METAL, no more or less. Rarely nice created and played. I wouldn’t even bother mentioning one or two best songs, it’s simply good DM madness. Nearly perfect.