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I'm afraid I misunderstand? - 95%

landon, January 3rd, 2009

Perhaps I am missing something, but don't entirely understand why Strychnine.213 gets so much shit from the metal community. I love it, as a matter-of-fact, its my second favorite Aborted album to date. Now before the shit starts to fly, my first favorite Aborted album is Goremageddon: The Saw & Carnage Done, a choice which many Aborted fans would agree with. But why do I enjoy Strychnine so much? Because its something new.

I enjoy the senseless brutality and mind-boggling speed of this kind of music just as much as anyone else, but this is Aborted's 6th studio album, and who wants to hear the same recycled formula over and over again? The presence of melody on this album, in my mind, is Aborted's way of staying relevant. Let's not pretend here, brutal death metal is a fairly limited genre. And when you've lasted as long as Aborted has lasted, members changes and all, you're going to run out of ideas eventually. If you don't like the new sound of Aborted, that's your preference, but don't bash them. They're just exploring new territory. If you were in the band, you'd probably not want to play the same chug-chug riffs over and over again, album after album. Hell, they lost a guitar player over that very issue!

The new direction isn't a sign of their sound being dulled down; they still remain extremely brutal. They've simply combined they're brutality with something new. Take "I35" for example. It retains the blistering speed from past albums, but they also added more melodic guitar leads, and it makes the song more interesting, without butchering the flow of it. In my opinion, what Aborted fans SHOULD be saying, instead of "wow, they sure have lost they're touch", is "wow, they've really found a way to be creative!"

To this long-time fan of all things brutal, the sound of Strychnine.213 was a risk that Aborted took after over 10 years of creating some of the most devastatingly brutal music in the death/grind genre, and I think its a risk they should be rewarded for.