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Cobbled-Up Carcass - 40%

Shirt_Guy, June 26th, 2008

I’m surprised something like this doesn’t happen more often - a certain band member leaves, and the rest of the band is unable to recapture the essential sound. That’s exactly what happened to Aborted, which basically turns “Strychnine.213” into cobbled-up bits of death metal, melodic death metal and death rock, except none of the pieces flow together, they’re just stuck together like bits of uninspired generic tedium.

Sure it’s an attempt to basically pull Carcass together from their gore/grind, melodic death metal and death rock eras all together on one album, but “Heartwork” has proven to be one of the hardest melodic death metal bands to rip off, meaning anything related to melodic death metal on “Strychnine.213” comes through like the 4th recycling of harmonies from Sweden.

Everything is trodden down in a muddy morass of low-end production, loose drumming, snares comes close to clicks, and Sven de Caluwe’s slurred low growls. His vocals could be a high point, as he has a wonderful deep growl, accented by piercing screams, all he needs to do is pronounce the lyrics (yes, that’s an important skill, even in death metal!)

The end result is like throwing several puzzles together, forcing the pieces together, then giving up and using white school glue.

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