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It works for me. - 80%

Necropsychotic, September 24th, 2008

Aborted has gone through many a change throughout their careers. They started off as a very brutal five-piece. Then they experimented and went through many trials and tribulations. They eventually started moving over to a more melodic side of death metal. Now fast forward to today. Almost completely gone is the brutal aspect of this Belgian outfit and in comes melody and some hints of technicality. I guess you can call it a melodic technical death metal outfit for the time being.

The guitars on this album do their job. Sure you have the chugs and the breakdowns, but does that really constitute them becoming a deathcore band? Absolutely not. The guitars provide intricate melody and good technical parts where fitting. The riffs put forth on this album are very different from what we're used to from Aborted, but it still works. The guitar solos also never fail to intrigue from this band, as expected. They have moved on from the straightforward one-dimensionality of brutal death metal and decided to create a more relaxed, for lack of a better word, atmosphere and a greater depth to their riffs. It would seem that Aborted's guitarists wanted to push the experimental nature of the band to a completely new level, and succeeded in doing so.

The drummer does a good job in making the album stay interesting. He changes up just in time to keep the listener in suspense and wondering what's next. The drums fills in this album are well done, but my problem is that they are recycled into other songs. I found myself saying, "Hey, didn't I hear that a song or two ago?", quite a few times. Luckily, the drums were not at the forefront of the album, constantly suffocated by the vocals and guitars, so the drums did not pose a big problem for me.

Sven never fails in his vocal duties to this band. He has a pretty good range of vocals on this album, from a gurgling scream, to a high pitched shriek, not unlike a black metal vocalist. He has really gained a good range over the years. His addition to this band is truly priceless, as he is a unique vocalist. Without him, there would never be Aborted. His ability to speed up his vocals and then slow them down is impressive as well.

In conclusion, this record is a good addition to the already great discography of Aborted. They have pushed the bounds of experimentation and put out a good melodic/technical death metal album. Going in a completely different direction than previous albums, they may have alienated some fans on this album because of the lack of brutal overtones. But what those fans fail to realize is that Aborted has matured. They decided to not stick to the same old formula. While it's not their best album, it is a very solid album. I would recommend it to anyone ho is willing to listen to something new, and to Aborted fans who are willing to shed all past judgements of them and prepare for something completely new.