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Something's missing. - 45%

MikeyC, October 10th, 2008

Strychnine.213 is probably the weakest album of Aborted’s discography. Released less than two years after their last effort, the rushed nature seems to show through. Whether this was the fault of the band themselves or their record company wanting them to release something else quickly is still a mystery. At any rate, this is what has been produced and it’s not as good.

I’ve liked all of their releases to some degree, for different reasons. While this album is still Aborted, it doesn’t give us a reason to come back, and not listen to their other albums. I mean, think of it: The goregrind of The Purity Of Perversion? Gone. The brutality and speed of Goremageddon? Gone. The catchy groove of The Archaic Abattoir? Gone. This is a very substandard concoction of seemingly throwaway riffs and melodic leads (way more melodic than any other release…the beginning of “A Murmur In Decrepit Wits” for example), all wrapped in a production too clean for it’s own good. I have no problem with clean production, but this particular production, with the music itself, seems to have no lasting power. There are barely any riffs or sections of the music that you will want to remember because they are all so…well, I hesitate to use the word “bad”, because they’re not bad at all. “Mediocre” is more like it.

Still, this album can still be enjoyed somewhat. It’s still undoubtedly Aborted, and some fans will be able to see some good in it. “The Chyme Congeries” is not such a bad song, and keeps my interest throughout. Perhaps what makes this song more enjoyable than most of the others on this album is the fact that there are NO melodic leads anywhere. When Aborted go back to just writing brutal songs, I feel it works better for them. I mean, the follow-up, “A Murmur In Decrepit Wits”, is much, much more melodic, and not surprisingly, it’s not as good.

Funny enough, the most brutal song on here has to be the Pantera cover of “Slaughtered”. While I’m not familiar with the original, Aborted’s version sounds very heavy, and all the songs on here should’ve been as intense as that.

The band members are still as competent here as they have been at any other release. I don’t see any reason to bash their playing abilities, because they can all still accomplish their respective roles in the band. I could even go as far as to say they’re getting better as time goes on, but that doesn’t mean they play better riffs, of course.

Weighing up the good and bad points of this album, there are many more bad points than good, and as such, this album will be classed as Aborted’s worst. I can see how it’s good enough for others, but for me, there is just something missing in the music, and it’s much too noticeable. If you’ve never heard Aborted, this is definitely not where you should begin. Here’s hoping they can do a little better on their next album.