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Depressing - 5%

DomDomMCMG, November 24th, 2011

At the point before hearing this album, I thought Aborted were untouchable. A band that could do no wrong. The 3 albums that preceded this were perfect, as was the EP that followed it. But this shall forever be a black mark on Aborted's legacy for me.

This album feels sloppy, boring and seemingly like no effort went into it. Like the band made this album because they had to and didn't take it seriously. Everything on it sounds rushed or not rushed enough. Svencho sounds tired and like he's not giving it his all in the vocal department. The riffs are lazy death metal chuggers. The drums are perhaps the only thing played decently, but they're still terrible in comparison to other efforts.

If i'm wrong, and Aborted did indeed try on this album, then i'm very disappointed. If they were trying, they were pandering to the new deathcore crowd rather than their old school brutal death-head fans. This record probably has the most breakdowns out of any Aborted record, and sadly, they aren't the varied technical breakdowns of before. These are lazy chugfests that wouldn't be out of place in a Suffokate song.

Really, this is either Aborted not giving a fuck about the album or this Aborted trying to make some money with a bit of commercial appeal. Avoid this unless you consider yourself a fan. Maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of it unlike myself, but I highly doubt it.