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Aborted will carve you up! - 86%

krozza, October 9th, 2004

‘The Doctor is in….’ – the first four words uttered at the beginning of ‘Goremageddon’. And so begins the bludgeoning punters. I’m not the greatest ‘Gore-metal’ fanatic around, mainly because most of it is rather second rate when you compare it too classic era ‘Carcass’. It takes a good ‘gore’ band to make me sit up and take notice. Fortunately, Belgium’s own ‘Aborted’ have done just that.

I first came across ‘Aborted’ back in 2000 via their seconds disc ‘Purity’ released on Goodlife Recordings. Solid, yet entirely unspectacular was my appraisal of their sound. Along with some rather typical, less than appealing artwork I can’t say I was sold on the band.

In 2003, ‘Aborted’ are an entirely different proposition. Sure, the cover art work is completely cheesy, over the top shock value for the kids but with a clever little title like ‘Goremageddon’ and it’s sub-title ‘The Saw and the Damage Done’ I not only detected a certain level of black humor within but a very healthy nod in the direction of their main influences, the aforementioned ‘Carcass’. The similarities in titles is interesting – Carcass not only used the title/subtitle word play with ‘Necroticism: Discanting the Insalubrious’ but Aborted even kept the Neil Young theme linked with Carcass, just as they did with their word play on ‘Keep On Rotting in the Free World’. I bet you my gangrenous left limb that it’s entirely intentional!

Whatever the deal, it is clear that ‘Aborted’ have upped the ante on ‘Goremageddon’, displaying a brutality and intricate diversity throughout the 11 blood splattered tracks written here. Call it ‘Gore-Metal’, whatever you like, but straight up punters, this is brutal death metal that combines the influences of all of your very favorite genre defining acts – vicious slices of Morbid Angel, Dismember, the mighty Suffocation and Entombed. Oh yeah..don’t forget Carcass - Particularly the ‘Heartwork’ era. The faster, speed oriented riffage laid down here reminds me a lot of the sharp, clinical, clean riff work of Bill Steer and Co. I am also a big wrap for ‘Goremageddon’s’ more melodious moments, especially in the tasteful lead work that breaks up the speed play and adds a rather mature extension to their sound.

All this has been enhanced by one of the most stunning death metal productions I’ve heard since Death’s ‘Human’. The man responsible is Jacob Hansen who has previous worked with ‘Illdisposed, Iniquity and ‘Hatesphere’ among others. I, along with many others have held his production qualities in high regard and ‘Goremageddon’ confirms his status as one of Europe’s leading death metal producer. This album is brutally heavy; it has a deep, dark cavernous bottom end and guitar sound to crush skulls. I suspect Jacob’s diary to be rather full after the competition wrap their puss-infested ears around this disc.

Lyrically, I believe (because I don’t have them on my copy) that ‘Aborted’ have streamlined their content slightly and moved away from your regular splatter/hack/slash/dice/slice style themes. Good move I say – such lyrics have literally been done to death. Instead ‘Goremageddon’ retains a more controlled ‘medical’ approach while incorporating the serial killer, psychological and religious fanaticism concepts. Good fun indeed.

With a video addition for the opening track, the Ted Bundy inspired ‘Meticulous Invagination’ and some tasty medical samples (in typical Necroticism homage) that lead a few of the tracks, ‘Goremageddon’ should appeal to all fans of the brutal Death sound. The best thing to come out of Belgium since…well, since ever! Breakout the Hacksaws punters…Aborted will carve you up!