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Now this is Goregrind at it's finest - 95%

Stonedsour2097, February 14th, 2007

I gotta say I've always been an avid Aborted fan, and when I heard there latest stuff I was very dissapointed to see there direction there going in now. But I actually went to my local record store and picked this album up and it is somthing else. This is what goregrind should sound like. Not the 10,000 poser bands you can find on myspace, each with there own shitty gimmick and senseless songs. Aborted have brilliant musicianship, Amazing vocals, and most importantly originality.

Aborted create heavy as all hell music at blazing fast speeds and tempos. They still incorperate some of there newer stylings on this record, throwing a solo in here or there. But they pull it off, in between the chaos of each track and little melodic moment is here for you to desperatly try to pull to safety untill They come back in and drown you in goregrind destruction.

There are many tracks on here that are amazing. Meticulous Invagination, the opening track starts with a devious soundclip "the doctor is in", and BAM kicks into psychoticly fast riffing and excellent blast beat drumming as Sven holds this great scream down. Another favorite of mine is "Medical Deviance", whch begins with a note that goes up and down the fret board, and continues getting slowly faster. Plenty of hormonics, which any death metal band needs to be to be considered great. I also love the sound clips on this album, some are even inserted 2 minutes in, like on "Sea of Cartilage".

The intrumentals are second only to the vocals on this album. Sven is such a great vocalist, the best thing is he dosen't have to do anything special really. He dosen't waste his time doing those god damn played out pig squeals, instead he sings in one voice the entire album which is good enough and heavy enough for me. A good mix of highs and lows at the same time here or there as well make for killer vocals. The lyrics on this album are some of the most originall I have ever read. Revolving around medical murders, and the horrors of surgery, finally a new topic instead of necrophelia! A metal first for all brutal bands!

All around, Aborted are an extremely tight unit. I was extremely impressed with this entire album, and wish they continued on this path. Sadly they are trying to pull off the melodic death metal thing, which is working so well for them. I hope they return to goregrind where they truly belong.