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Pure Fucking Goremageddon! - 87%

Slasher666, November 23rd, 2011

This was my first Aborted album, I basically checked to see which albums were the best. My eyes clapped on this one and I must be honest: the first week into the album, it didn't click with me. I honestly didn't feel that this was anything special, in fact I was kind of disappointed. I expected my first Aborted album to be great because it received such praise from the fans. I was beginning to think: "is this what makes a good album?" The second week into the album I began to get used to it and liked it more and more with each listen. It's my third week now and I'm literally worshiping it.

I) First thing's first: the sound. This album makes you really feel like your stomach is getting torn open by a saw. That's basically how the sound is described. Its brutal and powerful and there's definitely a mesh of intense distortion. The vocals are layered perfectly as the guitars play along to a fast rhythm, I would like to say also that the guitars produced melodic, beautiful solos. It doesn't make the album sound like flowers and rainbows, and that's good. With a title like Goremageddon then everything must sound eerie and evil, Aborted executed that beautifully.

II) The songs had some nice dialogue filler and that was interesting! It was a perfect move because it pauses the intensity for a few seconds and then resumes afterwards. It makes the song sound suspenseful in many ways and it adds to the intensity mentioned above. Shortly put: this band is like Torsofuck on steroids (and they also don't have morbid porncore themes), I know I shouldn't even compare Torsofuck with Aborted as they are different, but in terms of intensity and hardcore levels they're similar. The drummer is a total tank because he packs the intensity and power into this album and it blends with the distortion that the guitars had to offer.

The brutality is, without a doubt, intense! I can't stress this enough! The vocals are guttural and they fit well with the distorted guitars and drums, this album is a real treat even though you may hate it for the first week or two. The issue with this album is that it's an album that you need to get used to, it's not something that you could like straight away (unless you are familiar with the band's discography). Nevertheless, this album is worth picking up, if you're not into really hardcore death metal...maybe this isn't for you. This album is meant for brutal individuals only.