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Essential Brutality - 100%

DomDomMCMG, September 24th, 2011

Aborted quickly became one of my favorite death metal bands from first listen. After listening to each release, I can safely say this is their best. This is some of the most genuinely brutal, heavy, crushing death metal ever made.

Svencho is an amazing death metal vocalist. His grunts and growls are so unique. There really is no-one who sounds like him. He's also pretty good at the higher vocals. A bit like the higher vocals of Exhumed, but more raspy. Svencho's lyrics are Carcass influenced gore metal, but they're well written with medical terminology, as opposed to amateurish B-movie horror you'd expect from a band like Cannibal Corpse.

The guitar tone sounds a bit like a lower tuned version of Left Hand Path by Entombed (who are a big influence on Aborted), and I love that album's tone, so i love this one just as much. The band also employ some melodic solos from time to time, as can be heard in the (half) title track "The Saw and Carnage Done" and closer Nemesis. A brutal death metal band with a guitarist that can play a decent solo is rare, and when they're performed as great as this, it's going to sound fucking sweet. Occasionally the band will play some amazing breakdowns, tastefully placed and well executed. Definitely Suffocation influenced as opposed to metalcore.

The bass is mostly inaudible, but the guitars are so fucking loud i'm not surprised. It's mostly likely the bassist is just following the guitars.

The drums are fast as fuck. Blast beats are employed in abundance, as well as skillful fills that keep the music going at a decent pace. Variation is not required, as the music is too fast it probably wouldn't work.

Samples and audio clips are also common, but unlike most brutal/slam bands, they're well used, short and relevant to the music. In one track, Sea of Cartilage, a sample of an interview is played over a breakdown which would probably be dull if the sample was left out, which is a fine example of how these samples help the music, rather than hinder it.

The production is tight, though a possible improvement would be an audible bass. The absolute pinnacle of brutal death metal. Get this album right now.

Highlights: The Saw and Carnage Done, Meticulous Invagination, Nemesis