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yet another gore band - 87%

AtteroDeus, June 14th, 2004

now lets get one thing sorted straight from the off.

Far from finding overtly gorey lyrics and subject matter "extreme" or "controversial", I find stuff like this, mainly due to the bands taking themselves way way too seriously and turning into a joke, all rather slightly immature as the vast majority of gore bands end up sounding. That is unless they try to sound like Carcass so much it's obvious to even folk-music fans.

Where the likes of Exhumed and Impaled have been content to pass themselves off as virtual Carcass-tribute bands, in comparison, Aborted - whilst they do have some of Carcass' inevitable trademarks - are far more content in occasionally letting their influences show but not letting said influences run the show & inevitably detract from the music.

When I first listened to this album, I pretty much approached it from the perspective of an "extreme metal fan" as opposed to someone with maybe a slightly sceptical impression (due to the strong gore presence), and I was actually quite pleasantly surprised.
Even if you're more anti-gore or such than I am, there is still more than enough on this small round piece of plastic, and of higher a quality, than any Exhumed or other OTT-serious gore band I've heard so far.

Maybe it's due to the slightly-retro feel of the riffage or just the adrenaline that the music instills in the listener, but there's just something about this music that if I was any good with words whatsoever, I'd attempt to describe it's appeal.

In my opinion, if there wasn't already Gorerotted out there doing their own (very much tongue-in-cheek) brand of gore, then quite frankly I'd have to install Aborted as mandatory proverbial "top dogs" in the genre.

Part of the appeal for me I guess is the fact that, unlike a lot of gore/ gore-grind/ death-metal bands that think to combat 'melodic death metal' you have to go to the complete extreme of making your music so amelodic and inaccessible that it just ends up pretty much turning to white noise; this music actually has just enough accessibility to allow you into it's perverse underground lair whilst still retaining more than enough brutality that any self-respecting metalhead could need.