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Beautiful - 85%

Slasher666, April 8th, 2012

Aborted's "Global Flatline", a release that looks promising to say the least. I can say for the most part that this has topped their previous work, everything on this instalment is clear, organized and neat. Putting that aside, it also packs a brutal punch with some nice grooves and licks that are sure to knock the socks off any death metal alike. It's what you'd expect from any Aborted album, dialogue fillers and then the brutal riffs and drum beats, the shitting on religion and singing about nasty surgeries and nailing some chick through the cunt with pure steel. This is a real treat to Aborted fans, new and old.

Aside from the typical Aborted we all know and love and what to immediately expect on this album, there has been a lot of changes. For one, everything sounds so clean and clear and organized, there's never a moment where you feel something is off beat or cluttered, instead you feel like you're getting a solid death metal quality. It's nothing like "Goremageddon" where you feel like everything is being played through a plastic tube, instead it's as if the band had received an awesome upgrade, modern and yet awesome.

Everything has totally improved and Aborted, as a band, have gone a long way and look at them now! Powerful, perfect band chemistry and unity, killer tracks and they can make a hell of a good album. The only issue I have with this is that it's somewhat predictable, you know what the band is going to sing about, nothing more an nothing less. You know what the lyrical content will be and you know exactly what's going to go down. I'm just asking for a little bit of originality here, then again it proves they're sticking to their roots. Other than that, the Belgian boys know how to please their fans and stay true to their roots. Buy this if you wan't to break your neck.